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Annie cannot confess her fascination with cheeseburgers as a result of the derision triggered by Eren inside orifice ceremony

Annie cannot confess her fascination with cheeseburgers as a result of the derision triggered by Eren inside orifice ceremony

Annie has actually blue-eyes and helps to keep her gothic locks tied back a bun by and large, dressed in the woman bangs over this lady proper attention. Typically she has a cold and unemotional search on her face, regardless of her temper.

Minus the blazer, she wears alike uniform as every female figure when you look at the collection, with a blue bend, white shirt, and blue dress. However, she in addition wears a sweater vest with this and white indoor boots with white clothes.

Throughout the dodgeball online game, Annie try shown to be dressed in deep blue tracksuit with her provided title regarding side of it. Just like the rest of the woman professionals, this woman is also sporting a yellow bow in her locks. [1] afterwards, Annie adjustment the girl garments while in the activities Day, where she actually is using a cheerleading consistent. [2] Annie changes the lady garments yet again in the summertime festival. Because of this occasion, she actually is wearing lighting violet yukata with eco-friendly and yellow circles upon it. [3]


Annie are distant around most people and rather bashful whenever found with unknown products. The woman is quiet with a difficult outdoor; however, she will soften through to times to specific individuals and situations.

She is ashamed to declare that she additionally wants cheeseburgers which is Eren Jaeger’s favorite meal, too. But the moment Eren apologizes, Annie softens upwards, a lot to Mikasa Ackermann’s soreness. Earlier inside the attacks, this woman is revealed becoming a Titan speaker.


Annie introduces by herself about first day of college, saying that she originated in wall surface Maria South Elementary college. Later, she and also the people are called for the courtyard for all the opening ceremony. [4]

Within the woman wrath, she threatens to conquer Eren during the event of dodgeball the very next day. Annie participates in her class dodgeball tournament. This lady employees is found on a fantastic streak until these are generally confronted with Eren’s employees. Mikasa ultimately ends up preserving Eren by catching and tossing right back Annie’s balls, and Annie does the same. As Eren asks her about the girl grudge against your, Annie admits about liking exactly the same lunch as he did. Eren apologizes and both come to be family. By the end associated with games, Annie’s personnel seems to lose the fit because Conny Springer’s tosses a ball at their which she forgets to dodge. Afterwards, Annie joins Eren, Mikasa, and Armin for lunch. She provides Eren a cheeseburger steak after the guy falls his on the ground. [1]

Annie is seen with Hitch Dreyse, Boris Feulner and Marlo Freudenberg as they sign up for a conference of their dance club. [5]

After Jean Kirschtein gets an admiration letter, an uneased Annie wishes to talk with your. However, Mikasa got right here nicely, so that the two ladies begin a cold argument. Jean, presuming these were combating for your, made an effort to separate them however in reaction the two ladies struck him. In the act, Annie lets down a letter much like the one Jean got previous. She hits your again, will get her page as well as prevents eye contact with Jean throughout your day. After the conclusion of tuition, she places another page in Jean’s locker it is identified by this lady classmates and runs away. After creating look at the letter, Jean operates with the playground and Annie looks, asking Eren plus the other individuals’ information about that letter. In the future, she satisfies Jean within park. Aggravated by Jean, who was simply still presuming she got thoughts for him, Annie hits your before outlining she had written the letters for a buddy of her. Annie next s. A Titan subsequently seems and Annie describes to the woman astonished friends that she learned Titan vocabulary. She next describes how performed the Peering Titan satisfied Jean. Annie includes that Peering Titan is really timid and desire Jean to visit out along with her. After Jean denied the girl and the Peering Titan ran aside, Annie states that the lady friend said she would maybe not call it quits. [6]

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